NCVO consultation on Freedom of Information

I’ve been meaning to blog for some time about  the usefulness of Freedom of Information as a campaign tool. Having used it to some limited extent I can see the value of it. NCVO are running a consultation on how it’s been used by campaigning organisations at the moment. They hope the results will lead to a guide on using it effectively as a campaign tool.

I’d encourage you to get involved and share your experiences –

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  1. Hi Tom,

    Just thought I’d say thanks for getting involved with the discussion and for blogging about it.

    We do have a short online survey as you mention – it’s available on the following link if anyone involved in the voluntary sector wishes to fill it out:

    The deadline is August 16th.

    We’ve been finding out some interesting issues from people’s experiences of using FOI. We’re hoping to highlight key learnings to look at some challenges & benefits people have faced in using what can be a very simple & powerful tool for campaigners.

    As Tom mentions, please do also join the discussion or email / call (020 7520 3155) if you’d like to discuss anything more.

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